automatic /ˌɔːtəˈmætɪk◂ $ ˌɒː-/ adjective

an automatic machine is designed to work without needing someone to operate it for each part of a process

اتوماتیک، دستگاه خودکار، خود بخود

Example: My camera is fully automatic.

consist /kənˈsɪst/ verb

to be formed from two or more things or people

شامل بودن، مرکب بودن از، عبارت بودن از

Example: The audience consisted mainly of teenagers.

identify /aɪˈdentɪfaɪ/ verb

to recognize something or discover exactly what it is, what its nature or origin is etc

تمیز دادن، شناختن، تشخیص هویت دادن

Example: Scientists have identified the gene that causes abnormal growth.

invent /ɪnˈvent/ verb

to make, design, or think of a new type of thing

ساختن، اختراع کردن، ابداع کردن

Example: Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.

item  /ˈaɪtəm/ noun

a single thing, especially one thing in a list, group, or set of things

 چیز،فقره، تکه

Example: He opened the cardboard box and took out each item.

pattern  /ˈpætən $ ˈpætərn/ noun

a regularly repeated arrangement of shapes, colours, or lines on a surface, usually as decoration

طرح، نقش، مدل، الگو

Example: a black and white striped pattern

produce /prəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ verb

to make, write etc something to be bought, used, or enjoyed by people

ایجاد کردن، تولید کردن

Example: The factory produces an incredible 100 cars per hour.

purchase  /ˈpɜːtʃɪs $ ˈpɜːr-/ noun

something you buy, or the act of buying it

خرید، خریداری

Example: She paid for her purchases and left.

technology /tekˈnɒlədʒi $ -ˈnɑː-/ noun

new machines, equipment, and ways of doing things that are based on modern knowledge about science and computers


Example: Modern technology makes moving money around much easier than it used to be.

unique /juːˈniːk/ adjective

being the only one of its kind

یکتا، بی مانند، بی نظیر، بی همتا، یگانه، منحصر به فرد

Example: Each person’s fingerprints are unique.

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